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Glass Fencing for railing

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Located within the Sydney metropolitan area, TopSydneyFencing, are able to offer you a wide range of fencing solutions for both domestic and commercial applications. Specialists in both frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing, aluminium tubular fencing, colorbond, and slat fencing...


We at TopSydneyFencing are offering glass fence and aluminium fence installation in Sydney. Our designed fences enhance the safety and the attractiveness of your outdoor living space. Call us now on 61 410 699 170.


We specialised in commercial fencing installation in Sydney, NSW. No matter the size of your project, we are here to help you! Our professionals will deliver you the best fencing solution as per your requirement. Call us now!

Our Services

Some of the exclusive services that our company TopSydneyFencing is offering are given below. Choose the best one for your property and purpose from our category.

All our exclusive frameless glass fences are designed to provide optimum safety without hampering the aesthetics of the pool area.

With our semi-frameless glass fences, you can keep the pool area safe. The extra but unnoticeable frame will make sure the fences get proper support.

It is made of the finest quality aluminium with powder coating which makes it best for the pool area. It is a highly affordable choice for pool safety.

Our colorbond and slat fences are made of the best quality aluminum that can easily face any climatic condition.

Why Choose TopSydneyFencing?

TopSydneyFencing is one of the leading glass fencing contractors based in Sydney, NSW. We are offering a complete fencing solution that can be easily matched with your fencing project. Our trained installers strive to provide the bespoke designed fences as per the size and shape of your swimming pool. From fencing accessories supply to fencing design and project management to fixing the fencing issues, we do all job with lots of efficient. We aim to convert your pool area into a beautiful living space where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. Please go through the below passages to know the reasons for choosing us.

Largest Product Range

We take pride in offering a complete range of fencing solutions to both residential and commercial customers in Sydney, NSW. When it comes to pool fencing installation, we aim to provide a distinct solution. Some of our fences are frameless glass fencing, semi-frameless glass fencing, colorbond fencing, slat fencing, aluminium tubular fencing, etc.

Premium quality products

Giving attention to the quality of products is the primary goal of our business. We design our fences to add an elegant look to your pool area. Not only a stylish look, but our fences will also prevent your children and your loving pet from going near the pool area. We develop every fencing product that can easily meet Australia’s pool safety standards.

Reasonable price

If you are looking for a reliable fencing contractor near you, you can count on us! As a leading and licensed fencing contractor in Sydney, we supply fences and install them at the lowest price.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We perform all the projects with perfection and guarantee. Our fencing installation service will ensure a stress-free project. We will assist you every step of the project from start to finish and also design all the fencing products to suit your style and decor.

Our Clients

There are all awesome people

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Fill up the form given below to contact our experts and get a free quote for fencing work today.

Latest Blog

Check out some of our latest blogs to know more about our works in detail and get some idea what we actually do for our clients. We hope you will find plenty of information in here to get clearer about fencing related works.

Popular Fences

Aluminium Fences


A swimming pool built on the property is a common matter. Though it is enjoyable, but hold risks for the young ones in the family. Accentuate the beauty of the pool along with maintaining safety. TopSydneyFencing provides the finest quality of glass pool fencing systems to its customers.

Aluminium Fences

Tubular pool fencing

If you want to provide a stylish look to your poolside area, then tubular pool fencing installation is the right option for you. Different styles of tubular fencing can add safety and elegant look to the property. TopSydneyFencing is offering a standard quality, custom-designed tubular pool fencing in Sydney, NSW.

TopSydneyFencing: Professional fencing installer in Sydney, NSW

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a trusted fencing installer near you. TopSydneyFencing is a trusted fencing contractor based in Sydney, NSW. We are specialising in premium quality pool fencing and security fencing supply and installation in Australia. Whether it is a frameless glass pool fencing installation or colorbond security fence installation, we are always here to help you out!

A successful fencing installation project requires trained and professional installers. We have an experienced team of professional installer who are dedicated and highly trained. They always provide better fencing solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. The quality of fences is our foremost concern. We design our fences to suit your style and decor. No matter the size of your pool area, we can convert it into an outstanding living space with our frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing.

We at TopSydneyFencing are offering a wider range of services including frameless pool fencing, semi-frameless glass pool fencing, colorbond fencing, slat fencing, aluminium tubular pool fencing. As a licensed fencing contractor, we are offering the higher standard fences for your pool fencing, garden fencing, and security fencing projects in Sydney.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality fencing solutions to both residential and commercial customers in Sydney, NSW.

We always try to communicate with our clients to ensure we will meet efficiently all their requirements within a short time. From the initial inquiry, through quoting, acceptance, scheduling, and construction, our professional executives will help you get proper information.

We have been supplying quality fencing accessories over the years in Sydney. We will experience 100% satisfaction with our products and services..

Our Products

1) Frameless Glass Fencing

When it comes to the matter of luxury and safety, frameless glass pool fencing from TopSydneyFencing is a perfect choice. It is designed to improve the appearance of your outdoor living space. All our fences ensure that you will blend the contemporary style with functionality. We will help you improve the aesthetic beauty of your poolside area with our frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney. To get more details about this fence, please visit our Frameless Glass Fencing page.

2) Semi-frameless Glass Fencing

Installing semi-frameless glass fencing around your pool offers luxury, beauty, and safety. Our glass fences are made up of the highest standard materials that can match your style and decor. Our professional installers will provide you the customised glass pool fencing solutions that can meet Australian regulatory standards. Our semi-frameless glass fences ensure that your pool fencing is suitable for your project. Here at TopSydneyFencing, we never ask you to compromise with your style. Our semi-frameless glass fencing in Sydney will help you create a unique style. To get more details about this product, please visit Semi-frameless Glass Fencing.

3) Colorbond and Slat Fencing

Boundary fencing is a significant investment for homeowners. Because of that, it is necessary to choose stylish and durable fencing. Colorbond and slat fencing from TopSydneyFencing provides a stylish look and maximum safety. Whatever the shape of your property, we will meet your requirements with our customised colorbond and slat fencing installation.

4) Tubular Pool Fencing

At TopSydneyFencing, we a have an exclusive range of aluminium pool fencing that provides safety, stylish look to the homeowners in Sydney. Our tubular pool fencing is designed to meet our clients’ requirements. From flat top pool fencing to loop top pool fencing, we can supply all types of tubular pool fencing and install them at a competitive rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about our services and their answers:

A glass fence in Sydney is a highly durable and strong option for your pool area. They can make the pool area appear more spacious, offer unobstructed views of the surroundings and also discourage kids from climbing on the fences. Depending on these factors, investing in glass fencing in Sydney is an excellent choice.

Depending on the perimeters of your pool and other complications, installing glass pool fencing in Sydney may take 2 to 5 days. You can speak with our experts to learn more about the installation's timeline.

Toughened and laminated pool glass fencing in Sydney does not explode easily. They can stand through the harshest environmental conditions without cracks. And even if they break due to their unique construction, they won’t shatter everywhere. You can speak with our glass fencing contractors in Sydney to learn more about the material.

High-quality Sydney glass fencing requires little maintenance to stay clean and functional. You can use pure liquid soap and warm water to wipe the glasses. To learn more about fencing maintenance, feel free to contact glass fencing suppliers in Sydney.

Your pool fence in Sydney needs to be a minimum of 1000mm from the boundary fence. Keeping this in mind, it is best to check your local rules for Sydney pool fencing for more accurate and updated information.

According to the regulations regarding regular and frameless glass fencing in Sydney, the gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence should not be over 100mm. The same rule also applies to the gap between the vertical and near vertical rails of the glass and semi-frameless glass fencing in Sydney.

Tubular pool fencing in Sydney is typically made out of steel or aluminium. The low-maintenance tubular fencing combines several metal rods to make tubular aluminium fencing in Sydney. The material is durable, attractive, corrosion resistant and secure.

Aluminium slat fencing in Sydney contains aluminium beams aka slats. This type of slat fencing is affordable, durable, enhances privacy, adds more security and is comparably low-maintenance.

While those DIY installation videos of colour bond fencing in Sydney may seem easy, you will need someone to help you through the steps. From installing the infill sheets to posting caps to size, the many numbers of steps can feel confusing. Thus, we recommend calling professional fence installation in Sydney instead.

Yes, we do! We have a wide array of material options for all your garden fencing requirements in Sydney!